Support the Revolutionary Technical Collective

Support for our work is always appreciated, considering we’re always running low on funds. You can send over some stuff via the following crypto wallets:

BTC: 3FSa6zPweYhM2wjyCcFDCc9GLbFFqwTuwx

ETH: 0x36e00449746b34b10904a50e935653177a357b53

MXR: 88pxJgk7JR79pJGhm7bxhh7soY1pHmYjfPf2qC4hfTjvKrw4p4sL Qr65bTE5AP54b6RhDkiwcwN8P6PG6ppWFz9S5SDXL5d

If you wish to authenticate the arrival of your money, have any questions, or wish to donate via an alternative means, contact treasury (at) comrades (dot) sbs. In case the treasury doesn’t get back to you in 48 hours, contact the administration directly via admin (at) comrades (dot) sbs.

The Revolutionary Technical Collective is a correspondence and publishing group which utilizes technical knowledge to amplify communist agitation and propaganda.

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