For any and all purposes, this is a privacy policy.

The website of the Revolutionary Technical Collective is accessible at the domain This Privacy Policy document contains a description of the types of information that are collected and recorded when you access the website.

The Revolutionary Technical Collective website does not use cookies, and you do not have to accept cookies in order to access our website. We may add features that require cookies, but consent will have to be given separately for each of those features.

We store basic data about your visit. We log the time and date of your visit, and, in many cases, your Internet Protocol (IP) address. We log all data included in “GET” requests, which are the requests sent by your browser to retrieve a page. This data normally includes, but is not limited to, your “User Agent”, which is used by your browser to identify itself. This is standard practice throughout most websites.

Due to the security and caching services we use, around 5.25% of requests are stored without an accurate IP address, with those requests corresponding to around 33% of bandwidth (data for the past 30 days, retrieved May 9, 2024).

The information we collect may be used for maintenance, trend analysis, and non-specific demographic information (mostly for determining which countries the website is most popular in). It is not Personally Identifiable Information, as we are not able to directly infer your identity from it. We do not knowingly collect Personally Identifiable Information.

External content linked or embedded on this website may collect other kinds of information. We hold no responsibility for such content. We do not link to external advertising services on this website. Any advertising service which may be operated by us within the website will comply to our existing policy.

Any individual under the age of 13 should access this content with the consent of their parents. Any parent, in allowing their child to access this website, is aware that their child may be exposed to violent content, along with content that is outside the bounds of acceptable morality. This website does not knowingly host erotic content, or any content which shall only be viewed by someone over the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect any Personal Identifiable Information from individuals under the age of 13. Upon discovery, any such data will be eliminated from our records.

The Revolutionary Technical Collective is a correspondence and publishing group which utilizes technical knowledge to amplify communist agitation and propaganda.

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