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Membership FAQ
I'm part of a party/organization that forbids double-memberships. Can I participate within the RTC?
Yes. There is no reason for any organization of the Communist Left to see the RTC as a competing organization, or as an organization at all in a strict sense. The RTC is as much of an organization as a software group or a book club is. Although we have a programme, it is non-exclusive, and serves to indicate the positions that are expected out of those who contribute, in the same way a scientific journal wouldn't let a crank who says that 2 + 2 = 3 publish a paper on their novel hypothesis.
Is a regular output expected of those who contribute within the RTC?
No. Although we obviously have a basic hierarchy, and those in our discussion groups who are only sympathetic and contribute footnotes aren't given the keys to the vault, we don't expect anyone to dedicate a significant amount of their time.
Does the RTC collect dues?
No. Financial contributions are completely voluntary with no set date, and no one is expected to contribute.